My daughter Daisy was born 23 August 2006. I always knew that once she was born she would lead me in a new direction both personally and with my career.

Daisy is a child that hates sun glare and is also a very hot baby so she didn’t like going out in the pram, especially with the full sunshade cover on. One day we were out walking and bumped into a woman who had an attachable canopy sunshade that completely blocked out the sun but the child could still see out perfectly. I stopped her and asked about the canopy and she told me people approached her all the time. I went home and wrote to the company in America and 1 day later I became the New Zealand distributor for Protect-a-Bub! The company started as a group of mums and they were looking for a mum in NZ for the job.
It was perfect timing.


Nicola & Daisy

I'm getting Daisy to look out for new exciting products to add to our site, stay tuned!!!